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AutoSuccess Magazine Features DealerFire

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Our own Eric Hoopman is featured in this months edition of AutoSuccess Magazine.

The world of online auto sales is ever-changing and requires the best tools and partners to succeed. Dealerships need the ability to turn on a dime and make immediate changes to be both reactive and proactive in maximizing the effectiveness of their online marketing. AutoSuccess Publisher Susan Givens recently sat down with Eric Hoopman, owner and founder of DealerFire to discuss how dealers can dominate their online world and increase their sales.

Follow along as Eric explains, “It’s an exciting time for the industry. The automotive world is evolving and buyers are moving away from the nationwide third-party sites and manufacturer brands. We know buyers first shop online — but what is coming is a change to where they go online to shop. More and more car buyers are bypassing the third-party and manufacturer sites and are going straight to their local dealer’s Web site. For the dealer, this means the pressure is on to deploy a fully modern site with top-flight SEO and competitive features”

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