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DealerFire in Emerging Technology Epicenter

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Dealerfire Internet TechnologyWired Magazine highlights Midwest, home to DealerFire

When we launch a new auto dealership website we like to announce it with a welcoming statement, something our Twitter followers and the like will see. Our Midwest values can’t help but welcome their family to ours. It turns out we’re not alone. Wired Magazine in its June issue recently showcased how being on the nation’s coasts is not necessary for being part of high tech growth. DealerFire is proudly located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Wired Magazine highlighted areas of the country it felt were emerging as epicenters in job growth—ranging from medical technology, electrical equipment to automotive to chemicals, and of course software development. Among those areas highlighted, the Midwest as you can see is booming.

With the economy beginning to take a step in the right direction, Wired Magazine took a look at the where and why of jobs in the coming years—something they’re calling smart jobs. Smart jobs blur the line between blue and white collar due to advances in technology.

According to Wired Magazine, the emerging epicenter that is in Wisconsin is full of medical technology, automotive, metal manufacturing, analytical instruments, and information technology as well as job growth. DealerFire has been recently adding multiple positions to its Oshkosh location to keep up with our growth. All of our recent hires have been from the Midwest and we’re extremely satisfied with the level of education and unique ingenuity we’ve found within them.

Our personalized approach to building and maintaining auto dealership websites comes naturally to us; it’s just how we want to do business. Living and running our business in an emerging epicenter solidifies that it isn’t necessary to live on a coast or travel constantly to gain traction in our industry. Visit our website to see a complete list of our automotive web design and Internet marketing offerings. Imagine an @dealerfire tweet welcoming your family to ours.

Engine 5 Enhancements and Modifications

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Custom Automotive Website Platform When it comes to DealerFire, much of what is seen and talked about is our customer facing websites. Many people applaud the attention to design while managing to maintain an excellent Automotive SEO friendly architecture on these automotive websites. While we take pride in our design and SEO and are thrilled every time we win an award, we also spend a great amount of time working behind the scenes on the functionality.

Our latest custom automotive website platform, Engine 5, has been meticulously designed to allow for powerful yet simple editing. While we are very happy with Engine 5 there is always room for continual upgrades and improvement. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and strive not only to stay on the cutting edge, but to be the ones developing it.

Among tons of other upgrades in the works, today we have added some additional analytic features in the Engine 5 back end. In addition to the usual basic analytic overview that is currently accessible through the Engine, we have recently added a few more tabs and segmentations including: Popular Vehicles, Popular Pages, and Popular Search. Individually, these metrics can give you a good idea of the flow of traffic on your website, however when used together these can help dealers with even more macro elements such as determining demand  for certain types of stock.

DealerFire may be an automotive website and digital marketing company, but we try to understand our customers full set of needs in order to provide the most appropriate solutions. While it can feel like the online world is completely separate from what’s happening on the lot — it’s only when we can integrate offline and online strategies that we can help optimize not just your website, but your entire business.

If you’re a current client looking to learn more about fully utilizing the Engine 5 Platform please contact support to schedule a walkthrough. We are happy to answer any and all questions and will consider all feature requests.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to get a custom DealerFire Engine 5 website for your dealership, contact our sales department (920-230-1111) to see what we can do to increase your performance. We are currently beta testing a new version of ignite that is absolutely chocked full of performance optimization enhancements. Stay tuned for more news on enhancements of Engine 5 and more news about the launch of Engine 5.5.

5 Ways to “Drive” Business With Twitter

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

DealerFire is a leading provider of custom car dealer websites that is constantly promoting our business through new and different platforms. Check out these great Twitter tips that our very own Digital Marketing team has come up with and make sure to follow us on Twitter @dealerfire and we would love to follow you back!

1. Brand Your Twitter Page Each business’ Twitter page should reflect the individual business that it is promoting. This means that you should not have a generic background and profile photo. Your background should reflect your business logo and color scheme. Your profile photo should be that of your logo or something that reflects your company. DealerFire uses a custom background that features our DealerFire logo, colors and our contact information. You want your business to stand out and this is the way to make a great impression.

2. Build Your Business’ Personality If a customer comes to your real business, you interact with them on a personal level and try to build a relationship with them. You should do the same thing on your Twitter page. It is important that you Tweet about community events and involvement that your company does, as well as keeping a personal dialogue with customers. The people who take the time to mention you will appreciate it if you respond to them, so make sure that you do.

3. Keep In Touch It is important to be engaged with your customers and other people in your industry. DealerFire posts related articles about the automotive web design routinely. Tweeting about newsworthy events, industry news and important dates are hot topics to be re-tweeted and bring attention to your business. Your followers on Twitter follow you because they want to engage in a conversation with you, this means that you need to make an effort to promote your business and industry. Followers will get sick of your Tweets if you don’t provide interesting or helpful information.

4. Be Honest and Sincere We have all heard our parents say, “Just be yourself.” This is very true when it comes to social media. If you are a fun, dynamic and creative company like DealerFire, make sure that you act like it on your Twitter account. DealerFire just had an office decorating contest, it was fun and somewhat goofy but we all had an awesome time. We made sure to mention this on our Twitter feed and people loved hearing about it. If your company is all about being seen by a certain audience, follow others in that same audience on Twitter. The people who you follow who have a vested interest in you are more likely to re-Tweet and reply to your posts.

5. Maintain Established Relationships It is essential that once you build a relationship online that you maintain it. You do not want to create a Twitter account and build a relationship with followers, just to let that relationship die by not Tweeting. Your customers do not want to put up with that and neither do the people in your industry. You would not just let a relationship with one of your friends be destroyed and you shouldn’t do that with your business.

We hope that these tips will help you get started on the wild ride that is now Twitter and social media. There is so much out there that can be done on the Internet and this is only a sample of the tips and things we do here at DealerFire. DealerFire can customize your Twitter presence with skins, incredible graphics or we can manage it for you.

Contact us for details, or just ask us @dealerfire. DealerFire is a custom automotive web design and Internet marketing firm that caters specifically to the automotive industry. We have over a decade of experience in this industry and we pride ourselves on our knowledge, performance and innovation. We work with many different people in the automotive industry, from large dealer groups to independent dealers and we would love the chance to work with you.

DealerFire Rocks New Office Space with Decorating Contest

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

The DealerFire team has been extremely busy as of late. We have been building automotive dealer websites, working with clients and putting together some great marketing campaigns. While we have been working very hard in the office, we have also spent some time putting together a great office space. DealerFire recently finished an office renovation project, and with our new space we wanted employees to feel free to decorate their own personal spaces as well. To get everybody involved, DealerFire held an office space decorating contest and every employee participated.

All sorts of decorations and personalized items came out due to the contest. Several people have some great artwork on their desks and in their cubes as well. Others brought in posters, statues and we even have a few Nerf gun toys around. Antique car models adorn part of the support group as well as automotive themed signs.

Taking home the prize for the best decorations was Aaron Schinke of the Digital Marketing team. Aaron completely decked out his cube with a shag carpet, personal pottery, marketing books, a photo and some unique artwork on the walls. Everyone was very impressed with what Aaron had done to his personal space and he says that he loves being able to slip on his slippers when he comes to work on his carpet. Aaron even brought in some easter eggs on Easter and had the office participate in an easter egg hunt. Although Aaron claims that his cube is a “work in progress” he took home the grand prize for the best space in the building, a gift certificate of his choosing.

To check out some of the other awesome things going on in the DealerFire headquarters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin be sure look at our Automotive Social Media accounts on Facebook and Twitter (@dealerfire) regularly. We will be posting some photos from the decorating contest today so make sure that you take a look.