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Fantabulous Fall on the Way at DealerFire

Friday, September 30th, 2011

dealerfire_twitter_image.jpgAutomotive websites, iPhones and apparently we’re slacking on writing blogs.

It’s true, we can’t deny it. We’ve been huge slackers in the blog department. Today marks the official start to our venture at 11th Digital Dealer in Las Vegas. We have the Tahoe and trailer completely packed and on the road. We’re fairly certain we didn’t leave anything behind. Well, except for those flying out later.

1. Digital Dealer: How much gas will it take to get the Tahoe and trailer to #DD11? Your guesses are being taken on Twitter right now. Tweet your guess to @dealerfire, then stop by booth 327 to see if you’re the winner. Follow the conversation! We’ll be tweeting, and we’re not kidding. All of us, from Eric Hoopman to Brian Wagner will be behind those tweets. And, we’ve even got our own hashtag to play with, #oshvegas. Keep an eye out. Come get a live demo! If you haven’t seen a demo of a DealerFire custom automotive website, then now is the perfect time. We’ll have a great staff in our booth, from sales engineers, programmers to current clients who can attest to our great sites. While you’re at our booth, grab a demo of Trinity Suite, the killer all-in-one app for dealerships.

2. AWA Awards: We’ll be sitting patiently just like everyone else in the room awaiting the results. Who are we kidding, no we won’t. We’ll be just as excited as everyone else. We can’t wait to spend time with our favorite industry peers and congratulate those who have truly excelled this past year. We have our eye on a few.

3. Driving Sales Executive Summit: We’re not done in Vegas just yet. We’ll be at #DSES and we’re bringing a great group of innovative thinkers from great dealerships. We’re very thrilled to be a part of this summit and looking forward to some great take-aways.

4. J.D. Powers Automotive Internet Roundtable: More great speakers and sessions and more learning for DealerFire. As this event will wrap up our time in Vegas, we’ll be able to pull it all together and really organize all the great things we’ve learned to present to our staff. Once we’re back in our hometown of Oshkosh, WI we’re hitting the ground running. Well, after more than two weeks out of the office and over 4,000 miles on the Tahoe we might need a day or two to fuel back up on good ‘ol Wisconsin..But after that, for sure.