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DealerFire is Selected as 2015 Google Engage All-Star

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015


You won’t believe what just happened. DealerFire was selected as a 2015 Google Engage All-Star for the second time! The competition was fierce. To be specific, we competed with over 14,000 leading agencies from around the world, and Google chose DealerFire!

Google Engage is a program that helps enhance companies that offer Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, website development, content development and online advertising. We were selected for our achievement in meeting specific pay-per-click goals and helping our customers grow through Google advertising and development through SEM. We thought we were doing amazing things for our customers, but this only validates that all-star effort!

Google gave us two tickets to their Engage Summit, so we will be sending our two SEM Analysts, Scot Standke and Calvin Krusick to Google’s California headquarters. This will allow them to receive advanced training with Google Adwords experts, one-on-one consultation, a tour of the Googleplex, and more.

This amazing opportunity will help further develop our SEM strategies, cutting-edge tactics, and enhance our partnership with Google for our customers. We want to thank all our customers and employees for making this possible. Without your support we wouldn’t be where we are today. We look forward to providing our customers with new initiatives to help catapult their success even further with our website and digital marketing products.

Here’s to getting more leads, selling more cars, and making new friends!

What Drives SEO for a DealerShip?

Friday, January 16th, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 2.53.09 PM
James Antos, Director of Sales and Wes Lungwitz, Content Manager talk to AutoSuccess Magazine in an exclusive podcast about the ins and outs of automotive SEO.
Starting with the basics, they begin by describing what Search Engine Optimization REALLY means to the digital marketing efforts for the modern car dealer. Clearly defining content marketing, they then take a deeper dive into what online activities attract the biggest reward both from Google and consumers to get results – and sales – over time.
Listen now for some great ideas and strategies on using the RIGHT content, and more, to help drive your dealership’s SEO.

Is Cyber Monday Passé?

Friday, November 28th, 2014
Cyber Monday is circa 1962. Mobile Monday is so 2009. Ready your dealership for 2015!

Cyber MondayUnless you live under a rock, you know about Cyber Monday. It’s about being cyber, on a Monday. About catching deals online by shopping on Monday. But not just any Monday. The Monday after Thanksgiving, that is followed by Small Business Saturday, that follows Black Friday. It’s one of the few nationally recognized days not yet with it’s own greeting card (another marketing genius..but let’s get back on topic).

You are to shop. And shop…until you drop. Shop only online. Shop at your computer in the comforts of your own home or local coffee shop. Shop deals for gifting and deals to give yourself. Deals that you (more…)

Zero to Hero in 200 Days: A Digital Advertising Success Story

Thursday, September 4th, 2014
Robbins Nissan Results

Presented at AutoCon 2014 – “Zero to Hero in 200 Days: Robbins Nissan Extreme Digital Advertising Makeover”

Based on a case study completed in August 2014 by our account management team for Robbins Automall, Christian Salazar, National Director of Sales here at DealerFire, recently sat down personally with Chelsea Robbins, Marketing Director for Robbins Nissan and Robbins Chevrolet near Houston, Tx. to get her take on the results.

They proved phenomenal. (more…)

Infographic: Social Media at a Glance

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.52.32 PMLooking for a quick reference to get a snapshot of the top 5 social media platforms? Nothing to complicated, just the facts. Well look no further!

Last month, we held a blog contest in order to encourage our team to share their knowledge through the best-practices, technologies, events and ideas that drive customer performance throughout their day. As an Account Manager, Danne’ Raesz is sometimes asked by her automotive dealership customers to show them WHY add social media to their already successful content, PPC and remarking digital marketing efforts with us.

How many Facebook users REALLY want to connect with my dealership? How do their users behave? Does any of this really help my sales at all?

Here is  her answer: (more…)

A.C.E. the Content Marketing Test

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

A.C.E. It!  Passing the Content Marketing Test in Any Size Market

a_plusIn today’s online business environment it’s pretty fair to say that competition has never been more fierce, especially for companies that must compete in or near the large geographic landscape of a major metropolitan city. Not only do these car dealerships compete in a market crowded with direct competitors in the form of other dealerships, they also must compete with indirectly.

Indirect competition can range from things like public transportation and even much smaller companies most of us may not think to include like perhaps the local bike shop or even carpool initiatives. So what can one take away from this?

Large city + competition from all angles = a much needed and highly specific game plan.

So what is a dealership located near a major U.S. city supposed to do in order to reach their target audience? Naturally, with it being 2014 and all, they must rally the troops and march to the online battlefront. (Yes, even for businesses that sell cars a lot depends on online efforts.)

And how should a car dealership in a large (or small market), look to better reach its target audience and get ready to take their marketing efforts online? Well, it’s just another test. And what do you want to do when they are given a test? A.C.E. it of course! Here at DealerFire, A.C.E. means to: Analyze, Collaborate and Execute.

One thing we take tremendous pride in here at Dealerfire is our content marketing. Content marketing can accomplish so many great things for every car dealership; from helping them rank at the top of the SERPs to building their corporate image and brand, and helping to convert leads into customers. Even though it’s a term with which most are familiar, we see it is a whole lot more than meets the eye – content marketing is more than just putting up words on a website.


When starting any content creation, analyzing, collaborating and executing is vital to the dealership’s online success. The strategy starts with our Account Management sitting down with every client to unveil core competencies, unique and specific advantages and basically the burning problems or gaps that any particular dealership wants to overcome and conquer.


This is the big one!

After the initial communication channels with the dealership have been opened and we understand what needs to be done, that information trickles down to the content writers. However, just creating content around a few key takeaways and assessments is simply not enough and is only a small piece of the puzzle. Some may think it’s best to skip the small talk and jump right to the bottom line of selling more vehicles! But it’s not that easy and there is no one trick pony that will sustain in getting a dealership that first page ranking and consumer interaction. These ideas and thoughts must be shared across the entire marketing spectrum and everyone needs to be on board for this all to work.

  • The Account Management team may ask, “How large of an area are we looking to cover? Who/what is our major competition?”

  • Our PPC (Pay-Per-Click) team needs to be informed on what the content is intended to organically rank so they can match search terms to enhance the dealership’s overall quality score and drive more people to the website through paid advertisements.

  • The Support Department needs to make sure everything on the website is working properly. They may ask, “Do the calls to action on our custom content pages take the user to the next step and get that ever important conversion?”

  • The Analytics Experts need to monitor and track success to help adjust the marketing strategy as needed and keep content relevant and fresh.

The list of inputs goes on from virtually every department here at DealerFire.


Taking into consideration variables such as geographic proximity, seasonal events, community events, new trends and pretty much anything and everything the public eye may be focusing on right now, we start developing content that drives automotive consumer engagement. So really, when you think about it, having a company blog or updating web content is great! But only considering new content and ignoring the many other moving parts of digital marketing efforts will lead to a plateau. It’s only when you really start to fine tune all the parts to work effectively together you can expect to A.C.E. today’s digital marketing test.

Written by Lance Kozic, Content Writer

Written by Lance Kozic, Content Writer

Meet Eric Giroux: Dealership to DealerFire

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Last week, we gave you a glimpse into the automotive and digital marketing expertise of our grand prize content contest winner in “Bounce Rate Blues“.  This week, we’d like to make a formal introduction to Eric Giroux, Account Manager here at DealerFire.

Eric Giroux Video Still | @ericgiroux

Based out of Lawrence, Kan. (Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Baby!), Giroux joined our team in December of 2012.  His background as Marketing Director in a multi-rooftop dealership not only prepared him for his position at DealerFire, but is how he met with our acquaintance as well.

With this brings a keen sense of understanding the role he plays in project management and communication between partners and departments as the liaison who simply gets the job done – and done right!

But enough about us. Watch Eric tell his own side of the story in his VIDEO AUTOBIOGRAPHY, then shoot him an email. He promises a quick response!

The Bounce Rate Blues

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

What are your bounce rates REALLY trying to tell you?

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.47.20 AMAs we learn about site metrics, we’re often forced into a frame of mind that leads us to believe that for each performance metric, you want to see them at their highest or lowest numbers. Higher is always better, and lower is always worse.  Or vice versa.

Let’s take for instance Bounce Rate. According to Google Analytics, Bounce Rate is defined as the percentage of single-page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).

Naturally, it’s safe to assume that the lower the bounce rate, the better, right?  Of course we want people interacting with our site!  Whereas site interaction is good, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a lack of site interaction is bad.  It is my contention that in many instances, a higher bounce rate could be indicative of a STELLAR and effective entrance page.

My favorite example of this is a gorgeous auto repair microsite, Sentry Collision Center in Boston, Mass. This site is gorgeous and converts, but it does have a relatively high bounce rate, and the client was concerned.

Here’s the situation:  A guy wrecks his car.

Question is:  Where does he take it to get repaired?

Answer:  He does his research – checking out Google Places pages, Yelp reviews and others, he finally lands on my client’s page and says, “Phew!  After ten minutes of clicking around on Google and Yelp, I have finally found you, my chosen auto body repair shop.  Thanks for making your phone number prominent.  I shall call you now.”  <CLICK.>  He X’s out.  The site gets a bounce, but also delivers a lead.

Believe it or not, this guy DIDN’T say to himself, “OK, now that I have found this site that I like from a shop that I know is in my area and with reviews I can trust, I better click their SERVICES tab to make sure they repair front bumpers.  It would be a shame if this auto body shop only repaired rear bumpers.  I better read more to find out before making a call.”

Conclusion: So you see, in many instances, a high bounce rate could mean they liked what they saw, they judged the book by its beautiful cover and they decided to call.  Invest in tracking numbers to validate your suspicions, but don’t dismiss a website and its supplemental digital marketing because certain entrance pages have a high bounce rate.  That could just be exactly what you’re looking for!

Written by Eric Giroux, Account Manager

Written by Eric Giroux, Account Manager

DealerFire and TDDS Achieve Winning Results for Toyota Dealers

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Toyota Dealer Digital Solutions teams up with DealerFire to enhance the online presence of your Toyota dealership.

DealerFire and TDDS

DealerFire + TDDS = Winning Results for Toyota Dealers

DealerFire is a preferred website provider for Toyota through the Toyota Dealer Digital Solutions program. TDDS is a comprehensive program that includes several key elements to help Toyota dealers drive more sales through digital marketing.

As a preferred provider, we are able to integrate timely and accurate campaigns, assets, inventory and incentives directly with our Toyota dealer websites. We have held this status with Toyota since August of 2011 and have been consistently outperforming the competition across all valued metrics.

Some highlights of DealerFire’s involvement with the TDDS program:

• DealerFire Toyota sites have outperformed the national average in unique visits, total visits, time on site and conversion rates for the past 6 months.

• A dealer satisfaction rating in the top 3 among the 20+ preferred providers in the program.

• An average organic search engine ranking of 1.00 – one of only 2 providers to achieve a perfect score.

• DealerFire consistently achieves 100% compliance on both required and optional asset delivery.  We have achieved this mark 6 months running and have outperformed our competitors nationally for this same period.

• Creation of regional promotions pages across all of our Toyota sites, which allow for automated delivery of these assets, as well as automated removal of expired promotions and offers.

• 100% automation of analytics and lead conversion metrics across all Toyota sites.

Our commitment to the TDDS program and the resulting success of our participating customers has been identified as a top priority of web services here at DealerFire.  Let us help your dealership achieve these same results. Watch this video and see for yourself why more and more Toyota dealers are looking to DealerFire to help them sell more cars.


DealerFire Academy Now Enrolling for May: “Video SEO – The Secrets for Shooting & Ranking Your Walk-around”"

Monday, April 21st, 2014
Luke filming walk-around

In our fourth installment of DealerFire Academy, we have a very special presentation for May based on something NO one talks about in our industry right now…Video SEO! Sure, you’ve seen it mentioned a few times at Digital Dealer and Kain Automotive, but does anyone really do it?!? Well, DealerFire does, and we’re going to let you in on the secret sauce for getting your walk-arounds ranked on page one of Google!

Which is more difficult? Shooting a video walk-around, or doing SEO on the video to get it to rank?

Lucky for you, we will have our very own videographer, Luke Mekuly, on hand to give you his top 5 tips for shooting a walk-around. That’s not all – Cavan Robinson will then show you how to upload your video to YouTube, optimize it for search and get it ranked!

If you’ve been struggling with the implementation of video in recent months, this is the webinar you need to attend. A few minutes per week can really make a big difference!

Register today to learn the secrets!

Wed, May 14, 2014 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM CDT