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DealerFire is Selected as 2015 Google Engage All-Star

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015


You won’t believe what just happened. DealerFire was selected as a 2015 Google Engage All-Star for the second time! The competition was fierce. To be specific, we competed with over 14,000 leading agencies from around the world, and Google chose DealerFire!

Google Engage is a program that helps enhance companies that offer Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, website development, content development and online advertising. We were selected for our achievement in meeting specific pay-per-click goals and helping our customers grow through Google advertising and development through SEM. We thought we were doing amazing things for our customers, but this only validates that all-star effort!

Google gave us two tickets to their Engage Summit, so we will be sending our two SEM Analysts, Scot Standke and Calvin Krusick to Google’s California headquarters. This will allow them to receive advanced training with Google Adwords experts, one-on-one consultation, a tour of the Googleplex, and more.

This amazing opportunity will help further develop our SEM strategies, cutting-edge tactics, and enhance our partnership with Google for our customers. We want to thank all our customers and employees for making this possible. Without your support we wouldn’t be where we are today. We look forward to providing our customers with new initiatives to help catapult their success even further with our website and digital marketing products.

Here’s to getting more leads, selling more cars, and making new friends!

Company Culture: Important?

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

A work environment unlike any other.

Company CultureEvery company comes with it’s own set of practices, resides in it’s designated place and certainly comes equipped with a unique group of people. Whether you’ve held a number of jobs, or just starting out, the culture of every business should be a major factor in your consideration when seeking out employment.


Let’s take a look at three areas for which company culture can be attributed.


The success of a company lies within its goals, or its values. Company values are sure to be met with the proper procedures and programs in place, but equally important is the buy-in from employees. A company’s mission (more…)

Investing in Good (Company!) Health

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Investing in Good Health is Investing in Good BusinessScreen Shot 2014-09-10 at 8.47.04 PM

It’s not ground-breaking news that companies who take better care of their employees get more production out of them, fewer sick days and keep them employed longer. Without getting into a ton of small details and fine print, let’s just all assume that we understand that healthcare is expensive for businesses and if you can reduce the cost, while increasing productivity and happiness in your employees, you should probably do it. Thankfully, DealerFire has done just that.

From weekly basketball games open to employees to local volleyball league teams that are sponsored by the company, DealerFire promotes an active lifestyle and makes these (more…)

Better Together

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Art Spot GNORecently, DealerFire staff of the female persuasion decided to take a painting class together for a little girls night out. As part of the class, we had pre-chosen a piece of artwork for inspiration and then were led step by step through the painting process by a seasoned instructor.

As each of us let loose of our inner artist and our masterpieces began to take form, individual creativity and personality was slowly revealed. And while each of us were given the same tools and were shown the same technique, each painting took on its own form.

Some of us were harder on ourselves than others. Some singularly seemed more beautiful than the next. Some skies were more blended and some grasses more lush. A few adventurous souls stepped out of the box and added their own flair or painted something different altogether. (more…)

Meet Eric Bolster: Your Resource for Solutions in Online Car Sales

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Eric Bolster Biz CardLast week, Eric told a bit of his story and perspective on online car sales in the blog post “Selling Cars – Still a Priority?“. This week, we’d like to formally introduce you to Eric Bolster, DealerFire Regional Sales Manager.

Bolster joined our team in July 2013. A brand new father, he still finds time to enjoy hobbies that include being in the outdoors and anything related to cars. (more…)

Infographic: Social Media at a Glance

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.52.32 PMLooking for a quick reference to get a snapshot of the top 5 social media platforms? Nothing to complicated, just the facts. Well look no further!

Last month, we held a blog contest in order to encourage our team to share their knowledge through the best-practices, technologies, events and ideas that drive customer performance throughout their day. As an Account Manager, Danne’ Raesz is sometimes asked by her automotive dealership customers to show them WHY add social media to their already successful content, PPC and remarking digital marketing efforts with us.

How many Facebook users REALLY want to connect with my dealership? How do their users behave? Does any of this really help my sales at all?

Here is  her answer: (more…)

Meet Heather Loker: First Contact to Lasting Dealer Partnerships

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Last week, Heather told a bit of her story in the blog post “A Mom in the Sales World“. This week, we’d like to formally introduce you to Heather Loker, DealerFire Regional Sales Associate.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Loker joined our team in January 2014. Being a mom gives her a deeper enjoyment for the work hard, play hard culture in the sales department. A believer in the superior quality and innovation of the DealerFire products and people, she appreciates the honesty and transparency by which she is able to do her work, creating solid partnerships from first call to last.

But enough about us. Watch Heather tell her own side of the story in his VIDEO AUTOBIOGRAPHY, then shoot her an email to schedule a demo today!

A Mom in the Sales World

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.59.57 AMDuring a recent conversation with a fellow baseball mom at my 10 year old son’s practice, she turns to me and says, “I just don’t know how you do it.”  I asked her to clarify to which she said, “I mean, how do you work full time, raise two kids and help out so much with baseball?”


I really don’t know.  Between the kids, husband, work, baseball, housework and randomness, it doesn’t leave much time.  I have a 10 year old and a 1 year old who rule my life, and I am okay with that.

Wake up. Be awesome. Sleep. Repeat.

My life changed in January when I started down a new road in the sales industry.  While my professional background includes experience in both sales and customer service, my work life stayed at work.  I was a mother first and an employee second, sometimes being the parent staying home with a sick child or leaving early for appointments.

At DealerFire; however, I have been able and open to blending life’s responsibilities.  My work email is linked to my personal cell phone and I am writing this blog in between sending out baseball board meeting minutes.  Just when I thought my life could not get busier, my work is now more than just eight hours a day.

And I enjoy it!

My sales life is my work life and my work life is now woven into my personal life.  The good thing about all of this is that it is still MY life – on MY terms!  Being a mother has not only trained me for feats such as carrying six bags of groceries in one trip or two baseball bags and a baby into the gym; it has also prepped me to be a more understanding person in the sales world.  The customer is always right, but I am learning to be more assertive when needed and when its in their best interest.

In my current position, I make the first connection to our dealerships.  I reach out to potential customers and guide them through the benefits of using DealerFire as their premiere website and digital marketing provider.  The fact is that our websites are not only responsive, generate more leads than the competition and come with the best customer service ever, they are really cool looking too!

With everything that I have learned and am still learning in the automotive and online industries, my faith in the product and company is ever-growing.  From the first call until the last, our customers will always speak to a real person.  In the world of automated responses and connections, DealerFire is old school: You call, we answer.

I still check my personal Facebook before I get out of bed, but I am checking my email now, too.  I may not be the associate closing deals, but the conversations I have with customers are just as important to me, as is the first impression that is left with a dealership. And while my family still, and always will come first, I am now willing to say that my work is a tie for second place to my son’s baseball.  We all have good days and not-so-good days and yesterday’s homeruns don’t win todays games!

Keep swinging!

Written by Heather Loker, Regional Sales & Mom

Written by Heather Loker,           Regional Sales & Mom



Meet Eric Giroux: Dealership to DealerFire

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Last week, we gave you a glimpse into the automotive and digital marketing expertise of our grand prize content contest winner in “Bounce Rate Blues“.  This week, we’d like to make a formal introduction to Eric Giroux, Account Manager here at DealerFire.

Eric Giroux Video Still | @ericgiroux

Based out of Lawrence, Kan. (Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Baby!), Giroux joined our team in December of 2012.  His background as Marketing Director in a multi-rooftop dealership not only prepared him for his position at DealerFire, but is how he met with our acquaintance as well.

With this brings a keen sense of understanding the role he plays in project management and communication between partners and departments as the liaison who simply gets the job done – and done right!

But enough about us. Watch Eric tell his own side of the story in his VIDEO AUTOBIOGRAPHY, then shoot him an email. He promises a quick response!

Gov. Scott Walker visits DealerFire for Exciting Announcements

Monday, April 14th, 2014
WI Gov. Scott Walker Visits DealerFire

Wi. Gov. Scott Walker visits DealerFire

We were honored today with the presence of Governor Scott Walker along with other Wisconsin state and Oshkosh city officials to announce breaking news. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) will invest $522,000 in tax credits over three years to help DealerFire with plans to expand our team by approximately 120 new IT jobs.

Eric Hoopman, Founder and Owner of DealerFire shared his gratitude to everyone in attendance, including the entire staff whom were all invited to attend the announcement. “I appreciate the support of everyone in this room who are counting on us to not only amount to something, but amount to something big…something extremely special,” said Hoopman. “As our story evolves from rebel underdog to vibrant and emerging corporation, (don’t worry everyone..we’ll still have our share of fun!), growth at this pace would not have been possible without all your support.

Look for more video and photo coverage (including group selfies from the Governor himself!) on our Facebook and Twitter pages forthcoming.

Exclusive coverage also from Fox 11-WLUK-TV.

Video coverage by The Northwestern.

The announcement was followed by a press release and a tour of our offices. Celebration ensued shortly after as Hoopman toasted to a bright future to everyone here at DealerFire.