Company Culture: Important?

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A work environment unlike any other.

Company CultureEvery company comes with it’s own set of practices, resides in it’s designated place and certainly comes equipped with a unique group of people. Whether you’ve held a number of jobs, or just starting out, the culture of every business should be a major factor in your consideration when seeking out employment.


Let’s take a look at three areas for which company culture can be attributed.


The success of a company lies within its goals, or its values. Company values are sure to be met with the proper procedures and programs in place, but equally important is the buy-in from employees. A company’s mission will be easily adoptable by those who believe achieving it is both possible and valuable. This framework of values is sure to change as a company evolves, so it’s important to keep that line of communication open.


Although our values as individuals may be extremely different, the common goal we have as DealerFire employees is to provide the absolute best in terms of digital. Whether that’s our programming department designing a custom functionality, or a writer from the content department crafting 300 words of unique copy, DealerFire employees are busting out exceptional quality of work each day.


Seeking out a job that you are qualified for can be a task in itself, but finding a company for which you can share your personality can be even more daunting. Companies that allow their employees to express themselves and grow within are more likely to keep employees on for the long haul.  Those companies that share time together outside of the workday at community events, parties and gatherings show a willingness to make long-term connections with their employees.


At DealerFire, we’ve got nothing but the best. The people here matter. Whether we’re supporting a fellow co-worker at their art exhibit, or bonding over lunch, we’re all on the same page – in that, each one of us plays a vital role in this company.


Not only is the building and location of your job important, but the workspace in which you call your own should be one of productivity and creativity. Having the opportunity to create your own workspace, as small as it may be, is important. Building your work area to reflect yourself creates comfort, allowing for creativity to blossom and the grind of the workday to be a bit less trying.


Here at DealerFire we not only provide outstanding work, but we’re encouraged to express ourselves and showcase our abilities and personalities. Enjoying a job is something to be desired by every working adult – so what are you waiting for? Find out if our team is a good fit for you!
Written by Jessie Tadder Account Manager

Written by Jessie Tadder                Account Manager



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