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By Gina Reuscher | Posted in Car Dealer Websites on Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 at 10:07 am

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A positive development process and partnership is a winning combination!

When I was assigned the JC Lewis Ford Savannah and JC Lewis Ford Lincoln Statesboro sites, my first thought was – nothing spectacular.

It started out as any other website I’ve developed here at DealerFire; just another couple of websites added to my lineup. But that quickly changed. Our introduction call went well and was a foreshadowing to an exceptionally positive development process for both the dealership and for me.

A two-time winner* and 2015 nominee for the TIME Dealer of the Year Award as well as recipient of Ford’s 100-Year Award, I learned that JC Lewis Ford also has a long and respected history dating back 102 years. That’s obviously a long time for any organization to be in business, so in respect to that, I wanted to create a successful and equally well-regarded website to which they would be happy.

They got my attention and responded in kind. Richard Wood, Technology Manager at the dealership, and I built a rapport that was…awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a more involved, ambitious client. Working with someone like this is all-around a good thing. It helps move the production process along as well as make it mutually enjoyable.

We launched the Savannah site rather quickly to replace their current site which was having some problems. Soon after we were almost ready to launch their Statesboro site, but ran into a small snag that was quickly resolved with the help of Mr. Wood, his enthusiasm never fading. It’s nice to have the ability to remain positive despite unforeseen circumstances.

The experience I had with the internet and technology team in developing their responsive automotive websites was really great and felt accomplished. If even half of the employees at JC Lewis Ford and JC Lewis Ford Lincoln have the attitude and ambition that Wood has, it’s no wonder that they have been been in business, successfully, for so many years!

*J.C. Lewis, Jr. was a two-time winner of the award when it was called the Benjamin Franklin Quality Dealer of the Year presented by the Saturday Evening Post magazine. Walter Lewis of JC Lewis Ford in Savannah and JC Lewis Ford Lincoln in Statesboro has been selected as the Georgia Automobile Dealers Association’s nominee for the 2015 TIME Dealer of the Year award.

Jason Flyte, Web Designer

Written by Jason Flyte, Web Developer
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