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Mobile is set to take over desktop traffic sooner than later. The odds are you are looking at this on a mobile device. Shouldn’t your dealership be mobile too?

There are more mobile devices than there are people in the U.S. That’s a lot of phones. Let’s face it, there will be about a zillion apps downloaded this year. That’s a lot of apps. None of this is true. That’s a fact. But the reality is that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift. People are no longer forced to be glued to their desktops in order to shop online.

What does this mean for dealers? More than anything else your content, that is your inventory and information, needs to accessible and optimized so that it is readily available to consume on mobile devices. Also it means dealers need to be prepared to communicate on the customers terms, possibly via text or Instant messaging.

We’ve been on the forefront of mobile development in the automotive world by introducing some of the first mobile specific websites as well as one of the first dealer-specific mobile applications. Many of our digital marketing products are also optimized to mobile-friendly as well. Below you’ll find some of our mobile-specific services.

Are you looking to mobilize your dealership marketing? Reach out to our sales team to demo our mobile capabilities!

“ We switched to DealerFire earlier this year, and I can honestly say that it was the best decision that we ever made. They are extremely easy to work with and can do anything that you want. ”

Shannon Hammons - Harbin Automotive


Your vehicles shouldn’t be the only things that are mobile at your dealership. Take your online presence on the road as well.

Responsive Auto Website by DealerFire


Mobile applications provide the user with content that is available on demand. Apps enable dealerships to expand functionality with things like service reminders and push notifications.

Websites & Apps by DealerFire


Whether you want to let your customers save vehicles to their phone from your website or the lot or if you are looking to engage shoppers via text message, we’ve got a text marketing plan for you.

SEO/SEM by DealerFire


We work with anything from mobile specific PPC campaigns to mobile websites for dealers stuck with outdated OEM mandated sites and much more.

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