We're all about longevity. Most of our clients have been a part of our family for five years, or more. Check out their stories below


DealerFire holds a 98.5% retention rate. That stat speaks for itself.

We put in the hard work. Whether it's pulling metrics, working with other vendors, or just staying late - you can rest assured that we'll get the job done. Check out some of our customer success stories below for real-life examples of how our products have helped dealers drive their bottom line.

Aristocrat Motors Case Study


Aristocrat Motors, in Kansas City, has been a DealerFire client since 2010. That's almost 10 years of investing in their digital presence using our innovative products. Over that time, the dealership has seen substantial increases in traffic, leads and sales. You can read more about their specific strategy by clicking the link below.

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Moritz Kia Case Study


Moritz Kia in Forth Worth, Texas, has seen incredible growth since joining DealerFire as part of the Kia Digital Certified program in 2016. The group is considered one of the leaders in digital in their region and have grown their total website traffic by 63% in just 18 months. 

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Cocoa Hyundai Case Study


Cocoa Hyundai had to prove their case for supporting two websites at once in the Hyundai Certified Program. See how DealerFire expanded their digital capabilities and ultimately landed a partnership role with Hyundai due to their development role with Cocoa. 

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Friendly Kia Case Study


Friendly Kia has been a challenger for as long as they can remember. With five Kia dealerships in the same market area, they had to find a way to stand out. By utilizing DealerFire products, they were able to gain over 30 new sales leads per month at $31 CPA. They are now the #1 Kia dealer in Florida.

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Broadway Automotive Case Study


Broadway Automotive in Green Bay, WIsconsin, utilizes every tool in the DealerSocket family of connected products. See how their integrated marketing has delivered over 6500 measurable leads in one year. 

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J Pauley Toyota Case Study


Between May and August of this year, J. Pauley's website captured 796 leads — 99 of which resulted in sales. That's up from 335 leads and 63 closed sales during the same period last year. "It's not that the market sold more Toyotas; I'm just capturing a higher percentage of the market," he says. "And a big reason for that is Engine 6."

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Sherwood Case Study


Sherwood Ford, in Alberta, Canada, has been doing this a long time. In fact, it got its start in 1936 and is one of the oldest car dealerships in Edmonton. This reputation meant that we had to be very careful about how we represented the dealership in content marketing. Over a two year period, the dealership saw an increase of 92% in VDP views from organic traffic. 

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Dirito Bros VW Case Study


Dirito Bros VW in Walnut Creek, CA, is a dealer that has really embraced connected technology. They have all the tools in the DealerSocket family and have used them to make a name for themselves within their market. Traffic on the dealership’s website was up 113% through May on a year-to-date basis, and lead form submissions are up 22%.

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Aston Martin of Dallas Case Study


This custom Aston Martin dealership in Dallas has seen a lot of providers over the years, after all, they've been around since 1963. But, the recent transition to the DealerSocket platform has helped solidify their online and offline showrooms.

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