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Here at DealerFire, we take a hard stance against duplicate content and lackluster SEO, and we encourage you to do the same.

We're offering you a free audit of your current website so that you can see how your site stacks up, and to help you determine whether or not it's time to shift gears.

You can also keep scrolling to learn more about how our content marketing services can help your website to fire on all cylinders.

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Our content marketing strategies are custom-tailored to your needs, and our processes are always adapting to keep up with the latest algorithm changes, but our products have always remained the same, as they continue to deliver some serious SEO gains.

You know what they say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Covering everything from infotainment systems to the local events that you’re sponsoring, our blog posts are creative and custom-written for your customers, but they are also optimized for the search engines, helping to drive organic traffic while establishing your site as a trusty resource for a variety of keywords that are relevant to your brand and your area.


Centered around the vehicles that you sell and the other products and services that you offer, our location-targeted landing pages help to make your site appear for a number of local keywords, but more importantly, they bring potential customers to your site. Once they arrive, our lead-driven page designs help to lead them down the best-possible path to conversion.


Whether you’re hosting a sales event, accepting an award or announcing the arrival of a brand-new vehicle, our press releases make it easy for you to get the word out. Though not posted directly on your site, our guaranteed-distribution press releases are still optimized for search, helping to bring in even more organic traffic while also generating links.

get your free website audit

Sometimes it helps to get another set of eyes on the campaigns that you're running. Get your free website audit from DealerFire today to understand where you should really be focusing your efforts. It doesn't matter whether you plan to hand us the wheel or not. We're just here to help your dealership succeed.

everything but the kitchen sink

There are plenty of SEO or content marketing providers who make big, empty promises, yet are hush-hush about the services they are actually providing. As with most things, you get what you pay for, but you should also understand exactly what you are paying for. We prefer to make things simple by including all of the bells and whistles with every single one of our content packages.


Though common with many SEO providers, we prefer to avoid terminology such as “up to five blog posts.” Instead, our packages include a set number of content pieces that we produce every single month. We make sure that you know how much content you’re getting, and exactly where you can find it.


Your location, your competition and your current rankings are just three things that can greatly impact your site’s performance, and rather than trying to shoehorn you into a one-size-fits-all strategy, we work with you to outline a plan that aligns with your goals, and that makes the most sense for your site.


Anyone can throw words on a site and call it a day, but if those words are not skillfully selected, and the pages are not optimized, no one is going to find them. We conduct continuous keyword research to ensure that the content we’re publishing is adding value to your site, and to your customers.


We make sure that you know what you’re getting, but we also make sure that you know how it’s performing. Regardless of your content package size, you will have an account manager to walk you through your monthly report and to discuss ways of maximizing your content package.

CUSTOM seo-focused CONTENT

Unique content is key to the success of a content marketing strategy, and it is something that we take more seriously than any other automotive marketing provider out there. We take a strong stance against copying and pasting content and work tirelessly to ensure that the content on all of our websites is 100% custom.

This next-level approach to content marketing is made possible by our team of more than 30 college-educated wordsmiths who possess the ability to make a minivan sound more appealing than a sports car, and who also know the ins and outs of effectively leveraging SEO.

Our Content Specialists conduct regular keyword research and utilize the data to inspire the content for the blogs, landing pages and press releases that they are creating on the daily. It ensures that the content on your site is serving a purpose, and that it is not being published just because it needs to be.


There is a lot that goes into improving local SEO, but getting your site to stand out is about more than updating title tags and directory listings. Adding fresh, relevant and optimized content centered around the city that you’re located in helps to establish your site as a relevant source of local information.

We develop content around the sales events, sponsorships and other exciting happenings at your dealership, but we also keep a finger on the pulse of your city and develop posts about everything from holiday parades and fireworks to the best food trucks and coffee shops in the area. Though not automotive related, the posts help your site to rank for more local search queries, which can help to strengthen your local SEO.


With our custom content comes custom reporting that is tailored to you and your strategy, and that helps you to see the results of your content package.

We know that you’re busy, and making sense of the numbers can be a daunting task when there are so many to look at. For that reason, whether you have one blog, or twenty blogs, you will have a dedicated Website Account Manager to help you build a custom report, and to walk you through the numbers each month.

In addition to monthly strategy calls, you’ll also have full access to your Google Analtyics account so that you can see exactly how the pages that we’re creating are performing at any time. SPOILER ALERT: You’re going to like what you see.

"Our competitive edge has grown every month thanks to DealerFire website and digital marketing integrations, in addition to the white-glove approach to our account. As a direct result, our sales have been recognized nationally and are now #1 in the state."




Improving SEO and overall site performance is not something that happens overnight. That is especially true with content marketing, as it takes a lot of time and effort to build up a content library and to start moving pages up through the ranks. The good news is that your patience will always be rewarded.







Have we convinced you yet?

Running the same stale campaigns that every other dealership is running within a 100-mile radius is never going to allow you to stand out. Get your free website audit from DealerFire to learn more about how we can inject a heavy dose of creativity into your website and campaigns to help you rake in the customers.