leading the way in paid search marketing

There is a significant difference between a click and a lead.

Trust us—with an industry-leading click-through rate, we know a thing or two about getting clicks. We also know that clicks are just the first step. Actually turning those clicks into leads is what matters most, and it takes an expert level of precision and skill to accomplish.

Don’t you worry, though. We are masters in the craft of paid search marketing.

driving leads in four different ways

Google. Bing. YouTube. Facebook.

Your customers are all over the place, and it’s important that you are too. That’s exactly why we offer paid search marketing services for every single one of them. Regardless of platform, we ensure that our custom, creative ads cater to the medium. It’s just one of the many ways that we transform those clicks into conversions.

search advertising

Search advertising is the perfect way to get in front of car buyers as they are researching on Google and Bing. Reaching car buyers can be easy, but we go the extra effort by making sure we are targeting low-funnel keywords, while presenting ad copy that stands out.  Combine that with dynamic pricing elements and personalized attention and we guarantee you’ll see results. 

display advertising

Reach more car buyers as they are browsing the web. Our team works with you to develop a display strategy that not only promotes your specials, but makes sure you are reaching the right people at the right time. On top of that, each ad is 100% customized to your dealership. Our robust display offerings include custom dynamic display ads, HTML5, static, and Gmail Ads. 

video advertising

Online video is the fastest growing research tool for car buyers, and studies show car buyers are more influenced by video than any other ad experience. We build an effective video advertising strategy by targeting in-market shoppers on YouTube and Facebook with bumper, instream, and in display video ads—often using our custom video solutions made by our design team. 

social media advertising

If you're not on social media, you're missing out. People of all demographics have embraced it, and are using it during the car-buying process to both research and communicate.  Facebook Marketplace, dynamic ads for auto, and Facebook lead ads are just a few ways we are helping dealers reach more customer and build their engagement with social users. 

campaigns that are unique to you

Ad copy should never actually be copied. In this day and age, standing out takes creativity. It's exactly why we've refused to adopt duplicate copy and cookie cutter ad templates. Your customers deserve better. Experience just how much good can come when you inject a bit of personality into your ads.

you name it, we've got it

There are endless features and integrations available for all of the major paid search marketing platforms, but rather than chasing every shiny object that we see, we choose to stay focused on the ones that produce results. Our goal is to increase leads and to make it easier for you to follow up on those leads, and you'll find that all of the extras that we offer help to accomplish at least one of those goals.


Inventory and prices change on a daily basis, and our dynamic search and display ads are always ready to roll with the punches. The ads automatically adjust on the fly so that we're never displaying the wrong price or advertising models that have already been sold.


Lead response time is crucial, and if you're not checking Facebook regularly, leads can quickly go cold. With our leads integration tool, however, all of those vital Facebook leads route directly to your CRM so that you can follow up on them while they're still piping hot.


Don't have time to manually load every single one of your pre-owned vehicles into Marketplace? We don't blame you. As a Facebook Marketplace inventory partner, we automate the process, giving you more time to work those deals.


With dynamic Facebook ads, the information that's displayed comes directly from your inventory. Even better is that we can target recent website visitors with the specific vehicles that they viewed, helping to drive them back to the site to finish what they started.


Video production isn't cheap, and time is money too. Thanks to our custom video capabilities, you can leave the giant cowboy hat at home. We can produce the videos you need so that you can cash in on YouTube pre-roll ads with zero effort on your end.


Clicking on a specific ad and being directed to a generic inventory page can create confusion. With our content marketing, we can create custom, conversion-driven landing pages that tie in with your ads so that your customers know they're in the right place.

no-cost integrations

Premium features don't always have to come with a premium cost. It's why we include just about everything with every single one of our digital advertising packages, regardless of total spend. Here is just some of what you'll get: 

  • Dynamic Inventory Search
  • Google Dynamic Remarketing
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Facebook Dynamic Ads for Auto
  • Facebook Lead Ad Integration
  • Customized Monthly Reporting


the white glove treatment

We could go on and on about our products and integrations, but the thing that really sets our paid search marketing apart is the team that makes the magic happen.

The secret to our success is, and always has been, creativity, and it comes from our driven team of SEM Specialists that do a lot more than just set up your campaigns. Our team of out-of-the-box thinkers build a custom strategy that align with the goals of your dealership. They also add some personality to your ads while ensuring that the look and language of the ads complement your brand image.

In addition to a Google Adwords-certified SEM Specialist, all—yes, we really mean all—of our packages also give you access to a dedicated Website Account Manager and even a graphic designer at no added cost.

transparent reporting

We don't believe in hiding metrics or building reports that only show you the things that are working well. Not only do we give you all of the numbers, but we'll hand you full access to your Google Ads accounts so that you can take a deeper dive and get a live look at your strategy in action.

That said, with monthly strategy calls and other touch points throughout the month, we make sure that there are never any surprises on the ads that we're running or the results that we're getting.

In every report we send, we break down clicks, conversions and costs, and we also calculate both conversion rates and cost per conversion so that you can see all of the serious returns on your investment. Prepare to be amazed.


"DealerFire is our best certified website and SEO/SEM partner. The team I work with is amazing. . They're like whoa... total mic drop! There's nothing more important than a transparent, honest relationship with your vendor partners. That's exactly what I have with the DealerFire team. I can't say enough good things about them."



the numbers speak for themselves

With our strong commitment to customization at DealerFire, no two paid search strategies are alike, but they do share a common thread: They are designed to get results. Our industry-leading click-through rate percentage is just the beginning.