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Wes grew up around cars at the family business and has developed his digital skills in eight years at DealerFire. The result is a formidable auto marketing repertoire built from experience. While he’s cutting-edge on digital, his automotive passion remains stuck in the 90s as he has owned far too many Cavaliers and Sunbirds, and even races a Monte Carlo on the dirt tracks of Wisconsin.
Blue image with text saying Data showing positive signs for automotive during COVID-19

Data Showing Positive Signs for Automotive during COVID-19

Automotive is driving out of the tunnel and starting to see the light.  

While vehicle sales are still significantly down overall for April to this point, the industry is seeing some positive points of light as sales are trending up from a dismal end of March. And while many consumers may not be all the way to purchase level yet, their online activity appears to be adjusting to the new normal. 

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COVID-19 and Automotive – What We Know, What’s Working and What’s Next

COVID-19 is quickly spreading through the country. As this happens, businesses deemed non-essential are shutting their doors to comply with state and national guidelines. This includes car dealerships.

Last week, we shared what dealers should be doing during the pandemic to keep business as normalized as possible. Now, we have more information on what’s happening, what’s working, and what’s to come.

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a black background with the text overlay What should car dealerships do during the coronavirus pandemic?

What Should Car Dealerships Do During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The Coronavirus Pandemic is here for the near future.  

That’s the reality.  

How quickly your dealership adapts will determine who is able to get through this stretch largely intact and who isn’t.  

Not to sound like a financial advisor, but the biggest thing to keep in mind is to not overreact to the situation. Yes, it’s serious. But people still need cars, whether they buy them now or when things get normalized in a few months.  

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New Site Launching? Make Sure Your SEO is Coming Along for the Ride

Moving to a new website provider – or even redesigning your current site – can be a scary thing in any industry. In the complex world of automotive websites, the intensity reaches another level.

Automotive dealer websites have a lot of moving parts. First and foremost, when you switch sites, you don’t want any lag in business. You rely on your site to engage customers and push valuable leads through in a timely manner. Any lapse could mean lost sales. And besides simply being live, you’ll want to ensure all pricing, incentives, rebates, forms, CTAs, CRM integration, inventory feeds – everything – is working correctly so the transition is seamless to the customer and your internal processes.  

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The Importance of GMB for Car Dealerships

Does the initialism GMB mean anything to your dealership?

If not, you’re going to want to investigate. GMB refers to Google My Business, the information listing that is offered up by Google from information you provide about your business. If you aren’t interacting with it weekly – or worse, haven’t even claimed it – you’re going to want to make that happen quickly.

So why exactly is GMB so important for dealerships? There are many reasons.

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