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What does it mean for a dealership website to be fully responsive?

Fully responsive dealership websites for all devices 

As potential customers increasingly turn to the internet to research and purchase vehicles, having a dynamic and user-friendly website is no longer just an option; it’s a necessity. One crucial aspect of a modern dealership website is its responsiveness. But what does it mean for a dealership website to be fully responsive, and why does it matter? 

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How dealerships can get ahead of the curve with online marketing for EVs

As states start to ban gas-powered vehicles, dealerships turn to EVs 

In an era marked by significant shifts in the automotive landscape, dealerships find themselves at a crucial juncture. The recent announcement by the Murphy administration in New Jersey, banning the sale of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035, underscores the accelerating transition towards electric vehicles (EVs). This transformative change in the transportation sector presents challenges and opportunities for dealerships. To stay ahead of the curve, dealerships can embrace online marketing strategies. 

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The importance of highlighting EV inventory on your website

Why more drivers are adopting electric vehicles  

In the fast-paced world of automotive technology, the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) is gaining momentum. While many states embrace clean energy, three states stand out for their innovative approach to accelerating EV adoption—Colorado, Vermont, and California. Let’s explore how these states drive change by implementing scrappage programs that encourage the transition from gas-guzzlers to environmentally friendly electric vehicles. With programs like these, more drivers are adopting electric vehicles, making it more important than ever to highlight EV inventory on your website. 

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Are dealership inventories on the rise in 2023?

The impact of vehicle shortages post-Covid and the benefits of online inventories 

Many buyers have struggled to find a vehicle during the inventory shortages post-Covid, putting strain on automotive dealerships, which have dealt with low sales, upset customers, and frustrating delays. Below, we’ll discuss whether dealership inventories are on the rise in 2023, what the long-lasting impact of vehicle shortages has done to the industry, and the benefits of online inventories for dealerships and customers. 

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The Importance of Customer-centricity: A Conversation

Atul Vohra and Thilo Koslowski

One of the concepts the COVID-19 pandemic has made increasingly apparent is the need for the automotive industry to innovate and transform the customer experience. Today’s consumers increasingly expect to be met wherever they are in the buying cycle with a highly customized and seamless experience – both online and offline. This type of customer-centricity in the automotive space is often as challenging to implement as it is rewarding.

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What to Expect From Your Car Dealership’s SEO Efforts and Investment

How to Know If You Are Getting Something for Your Dealership SEO Investment 

It may be evident that investing in SEO is a necessity for your dealership. You may know you need an optimized website suited for mobile, and you may know that it should be supplemented with digital ads and additional content creation to enhance digital visibility. But do you know if you’re actually getting something for your SEO investment? 

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What Can Google My Business Do for Car Dealers?

How Can DealerFire Help Dealerships with Google My Business?

You’re just about ready to run out for an errand when you realize you aren’t even sure if the place you need to visit is open. You pull out your phone and Google the name of the establishment, and right on the search engine results page you are greeted with the name of the business, the customer rating, the hours, a click-to-call option, and more. You didn’t even have to go to their website to find this info; it was all right there for you in the blink of an eye. This is Google My Business, and it’s a vital component to the online presence of businesses and their SEO. So, what can Google My Business do for car dealers, and how can DealerFire help? Let’s go over why it’s important and how DealerFire can work with you to make your listing shine. 

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Data Showing Positive Signs for Automotive during COVID-19

Automotive is driving out of the tunnel and starting to see the light.  

While vehicle sales are still significantly down overall for April to this point, the industry is seeing some positive points of light as sales are trending up from a dismal end of March. And while many consumers may not be all the way to purchase level yet, their online activity appears to be adjusting to the new normal. 

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