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The benefits of a blog for a community-involved dealership

Why should my dealership use online marketing? 

In today’s car buying landscape, it’s not enough to just sell vehicles. Customers are looking for a dealership that aligns with their values and a place that’s invested in the community they call home. Here at DealerFire, we’re passionate about enhancing dealership brands. But how do we spread the word about their commitment and get the community involved? Enter the blog, a powerful tool that can supercharge your dealership’s community engagement. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of a blog for a community-involved dealership and why your dealership should use online marketing. 

How to bring in more event traffic through a blog 

We all love a good community event! Whether it’s a charity car wash raising funds for the local animal shelter or sponsoring a back-to-school drive, getting involved is a fantastic way to give back. But how do you get people to show up? A blog is your secret weapon! 

  • Post engaging previews: Use captivating descriptions, pictures, and even videos to create a buzz around your events. Highlight the fun activities, the cause you’re supporting, and any special guest appearances. 
  • Spread the word: Share your blog posts on social media, include them in your email newsletters, and even print flyers to spread the news the old-fashioned way. The more people who see your blog, the bigger the turnout at your events! 

Showcase your dealership’s community involvement 

Being a community champion isn’t a one-time event; it’s an ongoing commitment. Your blog is the perfect platform to showcase your dedication: 

  • Feature stories: Write about the charities you support, the volunteers who give their time, and the positive impact you’re having together. 
  • Partner with local heroes: Interview local business owners, community leaders, and even customers who make a difference. Sharing their stories strengthens the community bond. 
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Keep a record and build bridges with new customers 

Looking back on past events is a great way to measure your impact and inspire future endeavors. Your blog can be a valuable archive: 

  • Event wrap-ups: Recap your events with photos, quotes, and thank you messages. This not only shows appreciation to participants but also serves as a record of your good deeds. 
  • Track your progress: Over time, your blog becomes a chronicle of your community involvement. You can use this to showcase your dedication to potential customers and inspire others to get involved.