Two green electric vehicle chargers in public

The importance of highlighting EV inventory on your website

Why more drivers are adopting electric vehicles  

In the fast-paced world of automotive technology, the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) is gaining momentum. While many states embrace clean energy, three states stand out for their innovative approach to accelerating EV adoption—Colorado, Vermont, and California. Let’s explore how these states drive change by implementing scrappage programs that encourage the transition from gas-guzzlers to environmentally friendly electric vehicles. With programs like these, more drivers are adopting electric vehicles, making it more important than ever to highlight EV inventory on your website. 

Colorado rebate program for EV adoption 

Colorado promotes clean transportation through its Vehicle Exchange Program. In the most recent quarter, Colorado drivers purchased 9,446 electric vehicles, with 45 participants benefiting from the scrappage program. The program offers rebates of up to $6,000 to those who trade in their combustion-engine cars for a new EV.  

Vermont green incentive for surrendering a gas-powered car 

Vermont implemented a scrappage program in 2021, offering a $5,000 reward for surrendering a clunker. This incentive can be used to purchase new or used electric vehicles, including bicycles and motorcycles. The program is designed to accelerate fleet turnover, a crucial factor in achieving climate targets.  

California EV, ride-share, and public transportation incentives 

In 2014, California authorized a scrappage program. The state offers substantial incentives, providing up to $9,500 for those buying an EV and additional support for those opting for ride-sharing or public transportation. These incentives, combined with federal and local rebates, make EV ownership more accessible to a broader range of income levels. 

An electric vehicle charger plugged into a Ford car

How dealerships can increase their electric vehicle sales 

Dealerships are in a unique position to help foster EV adoption. Informing the public about EV tax breaks, cash-for-clunkers programs, and EV discounts is an excellent way for dealerships to promote green driving. A dealership website can play a big role in getting the message out. Here’s how DealerFire can help: 

  • Our fast, user-friendly websites can provide separate EV inventories with pricing. 
  • DealerFire website homepages can advertise tax credits, government programs, or anything else the dealership wants to promote. 
  • Optional blog pages can draw in relevant traffic and target EV buyers. 
  • And more! Contact us to see how your dealership can increase its EV sales with digital marketing.