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DealerFire is a Toyota Certified Website and Digital Retail Provider

DealerFire is Continuing its Long-Running Relationship with Toyota North America

2011. That was the year that DealerFire earned its first OEM certification for websites with Toyota Motor Company. Back then, OEM certifications were still being fleshed out, with many requirements in various forms of completion, as well as web services, integrations, and compliance. Toyota really jumped on the opportunity though, developing great processes to ensure vendor success. It was especially important to us, as we were a small, scrappy web development company that had no OEM relationships up until that point. We had something to prove, and Toyota gave us an amazing opportunity to show what we had been working on for almost a decade.

Today, we’re extremely excited to announce that Toyota has once again certified us as a preferred website vendor. Almost eight years to the date of that first OEM certification and we’re still operating like that scrappy agency that got us here in the first place. The new certification is part of Toyota’s brand new vendor relations program, coined TDDS 2.0. The new program has gone through an extremely in-depth vetting process, narrowing the website vendors from 16 originally down to eight. These eight are considered the best of the best and have had a great relationship with Toyota for many years.

Engine6 Will Ignite Your Toyota Website Business

If you haven’t yet experienced our newest responsive website platform, Engine6, then it’s time to give us 3 seconds. Because that’s how long it takes for our mobile pages to load, 75% better than the rest of the industry, which is struck at 12 seconds. What’s better, the very first Engine6 website we launched was Heritage Toyota of South Burlington, VT, so you can tell that we’ve been focusing our development efforts on Toyota and amazing websites for quite some time

In addition to mobile page speed, Engine6 boasts an industry-first visual page editor. This thing is unlike any CMS you’ll ever see in automotive. We built the UI to be similar to Squarespace, which means maximum control and no code for miles. For the busy dealership, the ability to edit pages in real-time is a must, and Engine6 delivers more flexibility and control to get your message to market faster than your competition.

Engine6 Features Bring the Heat

Within the Toyota Certified Program, we offer three packages to best suit your needs as a dealership. Our packages are exclusive to this program and are the only provider packages that also feature marketing services. We don’t try to create differentiation with little widgets and plugins; we only believe in providing the best website with every spending level. With upgraded packages, we focus on organic traffic acquisition, driving leads and conversions. You can check out our full list of Engine6 features at and even schedule a test drive of all of our newest Toyota-specific features.

Precise Price Will Get You Into the Digital Retail Game

It’s been almost three years since the first automotive digital retail tool launched. Since then, there has been a mad dash of development to bring the next great, lead-generating software to market. At the past NADA show, I lost count around 35. That’s a lot of variety…and to be honest, confusion. Among all of these new entries, only a handful stand out, and luckily, one of those has been selected as a preferred digital retail tool within the Toyota Certified Program – Precise Price.

DealerSocket brought Precise Price to market two years ago with the intent of creating an interconnected digital retail experience at the store (I’m sure you’ve heard of Omnichannel by now), as opposed to a simple website lead generation form. Precise Price runs off a proprietary desking integration (the only one of its kind) and pushes and pulls payments in real time for shoppers to easily understand. Precise Price has been so popular that it actually won the first AWA award for digital retail at NADA San Francisco this past year. If you’re looking to consolidate your long list of software at the dealership, Precise Price is the perfect first stop; you can get all the bells and whistles, including finance, lease, and cash buy functionality within one all-inclusive package.

2020 Toyota RAV4 SUV in a mountain setting

Let’s Get To Work

We’re willing to put in the work to ensure your website is a raving success with shoppers. It’s one of the reasons that we’ve won nine straight AWA Pinnacle Website Awards. If you’re ready to take the next step, check out the TDDS enrollment website to get started. You can also visit our Toyota-specific landing page to set up a demo. We always take a consultative approach in our onboarding to make sure you’re ready to hit the market on day one.